Your Money Matters – Are You Wise Enough to See What You’re Spending For?

It’s payday…The time when employees are so looking forward to have their work done and go to their favorite restaurant, get their hands on the coolest hot-new gadgets, or get their sleeves on the latest fashion they’ve been wanting.Here’s a fact: It’s just too easy for us to pull out the cards in our pockets and buy what we want. The cycle goes on and on. Ignorant, we continue to go for what would satisfy or interest us, get a new car, enjoy luxury with credit cards and only to be surprised in the end that we are short to spend for something that is of much more importance. If caught in an emergency, we are left with no option but to borrow money. There! You realized that you can’t afford to pay for everything that you had…you are stuck in credit card debt.We can never see that we can never afford to be in debt unless we are already caught up in its snare. It is therefore necessary for us to put the danger of being in debt at bay.Where do we start?We should be wise enough to prioritize on things that are of necessity. If you are a compulsive or impulsive buyer, this is a must-follow rule.Start by creating an itemized list of all your expenses, in their order of importance. Then, classify them whether they are needs, wants and desires.Here is how we differentiate the three:Needs – These are none other than life’s basic necessities. Food, clothing, employment, home, medical coverage all fall into this category.Wants – These include making choices about the quality of goods we consume: dress clothes versus work clothes, steak versus hamburger, a new car versus a bus ride.Desires – These are the goods and choices we may not be essential to our survival, safety or well-being.Spend money mostly on your needs so you can get your credit cards paid off with the occasional “wants” for a reward for good spending behavior. Then add some wants and desires that you pay for with cash when you have paid off a credit card or two. Try this and you’ll be sure that you’ll never find yourself in trouble of being in the debt trap.


8 Essentials for Every Man’s Closet

Think your wardrobe is in need of some new and exciting changes? Want to buy some new digs but don’t have a ton of money. Instead of spending all your time and money on shirts and pants you can only wear every now and then, try to purchase a few key pieces that can take you from day to night and weekday to weekend. Here are eight clothing essentials every man needs to have in his closet.

Khaki Pants: A good pair of dress pants that can be worn to work is essential to every man’s closet. Choose a pair of well tailored khaki’s that you can wear to work, church, out for the evening, or to a casual luncheon. These pants can quite possibly take you from your morning coffee to your after work martini all year round.

Dark Blue Jeans: Invest in a quality pair of dark blue jeans that fits well. Since many work places have adopted casual Friday policies, a pair of nice dark blue jeans is a great addition to your wardrobe. Pair you jeans with a sweater, a stylish button down shirt, or even a polo shirt. A pair of dark jeans is also a great addition to your weekend wear, especially for casual dates.

Sweater: A solid, neutral color sweater is a must for any man trying to complete his closet. Look for something with either a V neck or a traditional collar. A simple wool sweater can be worn alone; with a pair of corduroys on the weekend; or with button down shirt underneath for situations where you need a little more class.

White Button-down Shirt: Everything on this list will look great with a white button down shirt. A white button down shirt is something you really need to have. Choose one that is well tailored. Wear it underneath your sweater, by its self, or with your suit and tie. If you’re wearing it for a special occasion, class it up with a pair of cufflinks.

Trench Coat: A flexible yet classy coat it imperative to your wardrobe from fall to spring. A trench coat is an excellent choice for several reasons. For starters, this coat can be worn to work, formal occasions, or just to run to the coffee shop. The climate versatility of the trench coat is another great reason to add it to your closet. Many trench coats are water proof to a certain extent making it perfect for rain or snow. They are also light and therefore can be worn in the spring with just a t-shirt, or during the chillier months with a sweater underneath. When choosing a color, try to find something in a neutral color like black or brown.

Black Suit: Life is full of surprises, and often time you are forced to dress for a certain occasion or event with little notice. Whether you have the excitement of a job interview or the sorrow of a funeral, you often don’t have time to run to the store and buy something to wear. Having well tailored black suit will ensure that you’re always prepared for situation that require you to be well dressed on little or no notice

Solid Ties: solid, neutral colored ties are a great thing to keep on hand for spur of the moment business meetings, classy nights out on the town, or simply to wear every day to work. While colorful patterned ties are great fashion accessories, a simple tie is more useful for everyday occasions.

Dress Shoes: While you wear semi casual shoes to work, you should make sure you have a pair of dress shoes on hand at all times. I would suggest purchasing pair in black to make sure they match with your suit, jeans, and khakis. Find a quality pair that is comfortable and simple so you can wear them for any dressy occasion.