Your Money Matters – Are You Wise Enough to See What You’re Spending For?

It’s payday…The time when employees are so looking forward to have their work done and go to their favorite restaurant, get their hands on the coolest hot-new gadgets, or get their sleeves on the latest fashion they’ve been wanting.Here’s a fact: It’s just too easy for us to pull out the cards in our pockets and buy what we want. The cycle goes on and on. Ignorant, we continue to go for what would satisfy or interest us, get a new car, enjoy luxury with credit cards and only to be surprised in the end that we are short to spend for something that is of much more importance. If caught in an emergency, we are left with no option but to borrow money. There! You realized that you can’t afford to pay for everything that you had…you are stuck in credit card debt.We can never see that we can never afford to be in debt unless we are already caught up in its snare. It is therefore necessary for us to put the danger of being in debt at bay.Where do we start?We should be wise enough to prioritize on things that are of necessity. If you are a compulsive or impulsive buyer, this is a must-follow rule.Start by creating an itemized list of all your expenses, in their order of importance. Then, classify them whether they are needs, wants and desires.Here is how we differentiate the three:Needs – These are none other than life’s basic necessities. Food, clothing, employment, home, medical coverage all fall into this category.Wants – These include making choices about the quality of goods we consume: dress clothes versus work clothes, steak versus hamburger, a new car versus a bus ride.Desires – These are the goods and choices we may not be essential to our survival, safety or well-being.Spend money mostly on your needs so you can get your credit cards paid off with the occasional “wants” for a reward for good spending behavior. Then add some wants and desires that you pay for with cash when you have paid off a credit card or two. Try this and you’ll be sure that you’ll never find yourself in trouble of being in the debt trap.